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I have created a relationship with a special young lady, Raven Faith. She has demonstrated an immeasurable determination and giving spirit. I have had the privilege and pleasure of knowing Raven for many years and while our friendship has had some periods of time where we lost contact, each time we reconnected she has continued to have another remarkable development in her life to share with me. Most recently she finished writing a book “Perfectly Broken”, that is both her life story and has been an inspiration to so many young people that I requested to share her personally journey with Karma. Allow me to provide you some background on this amazing lady.

From the outside looking in, you’d never imagine that Raven Faith is a survivor of unimaginable abuse, hardships, and abandonment.  Perhaps this is why the children at the schools and youth groups where she speaks are spellbound when she starts sharing her story.

Raven Faith survived a severely abusive childhood suffering physical, mental, and psychological abuse as well as starvation, isolation, and being twice abandoned.  After escaping her abusive home, she suffered many other traumatic experiences such as being kidnapped, stalked, poisoned, robbed, and hit by an 18-wheeler truck which resulted in a near fatal accident and collapsed spine. Through it all she continues to have a constant smile on her face and compassion in her heart.
Due to her background, she speaks passionately and with great authority about abuse issues and has dedicated her life to helping others stop the cycle of abuse.

A former model, now a motivational speaker, life-long activist against domestic violence, founder of a charity and a counselor to youth, her book, “Perfectly Broken” was an effort to both further propel her charitable efforts as well as to expose many forms of abuse and issues that affect the youth of America, such as the domestic trafficking of children in this country.

“Perfectly Broken” chronicles three generations of dysfunction from 1935 to 2013 taking the reader on a journey from the heights of being in a suite in the Waldorf-Astoria to abject poverty and homelessness which starts in India, leads to Europe and culminates in the U.S.

Part of Raven’s coping mechanisms as she suffered through her childhood was writing, and she always knew that if she could just survive long enough to write it, that her story would help others.

As it turns out she was right!

Her story will put smile on your face, warmth in your heart, a tear in your eye… and make you glad that you have such good Karma.

The impact she has had on some many young people is captured here by a few of her fans.

I am a 15-year old severely abused victim:
“Reading about your childhood stories was like looking into a mirror because of the similarities of our abuse… and through this book I’ve learned how to forgive, move past my suicidal feelings & cutting tendencies and smile again… and because you survived your family, I believe I can survive too.”

I am a bullying victim:
“Perfectly Broken has given me a lot of encouragement. I am 17 years old. Without this book I would have never stopped cutting myself and trying to kill myself because I was made fun of due to my weight.  I no longer cut myself… I thank God for allowing her to write this book. I am alive today because of it!”

These are just a few of the many stories of appreciation that these young people have expressed. Being raised with a typical “victim’s code of silence” mentality, Raven originally intended to write her story under a pen-name.  It was not until she started speaking at schools and youth groups that she realized that she needed to publicly own the abuse she went through regardless of the repercussions and retaliatory comments that would inevitably follow.
Raven has made a free version of her book available to victims of abuse to her audience and the response has been profoundly powerful.  She looks forward to the day she is able to partner with others so she can travel nationwide to promote her book and help others heal through candid discussions.
Abuse knows no boundaries. It’s not limited to any ethnicity or socio-economic category, and there are millions of adults in this country walking wounded because our society has fostered a culture in which we are expected to just get over whatever has happened to us.  Even some of the most successful people hide deep scars beneath shining accomplishments as they suffer in silence.

The sole purpose of writing “Perfectly Broken” was to start changing our culture, conversation and views about victims of abuse. By demystify the cycle of abuse victims have an opportunity to overcome.

“Perfectly Broken” offers a riveting and raw look into how the cycle of abuse is passed down from generation to generation. Deeply personal and revealing, it explores the stories from every person’s point of view as it is happening… the victim, the abuser, the on-looking family members, apathetic observers, and the occasional compassionate activist trying to help intervene and stop the violence.

After carefully developing all the characters involved, the detailed accounts as new generations of “monsters are created” and young innocent lives are victimized and destroyed offers an intimate understanding of how these cycles are perpetuated. 

As excruciating as this was to write, it was born out of Raven’s single passion in life… to create something of value through her experiences that would help others get through whatever obstacles they are facing.

If you would like to purchase the book or would like to contact Raven directly please let me know and I will be glad to provide you her information.

You can also purchase her book directly www.amzn.com/B00B4KBRBQ
I am currently working with Raven on a part 2 of her journey that will include a promotional video and will include some wonderful strategic partners. I am captivated by her journey and effort that through her love how she helps our youth overcome any challenge, to have a better life and a shows them the path to get there

2014 Oscar After Parties

Awards season is upon us and Karma is involved with two of the most exciting private Oscar After Parties this Sunday in Hollywood!

#1 :: Salute to the Stars @ W Hotel in Hollywood - presented by Hellman & Walters

#2 :: Fame & Philanthropy @ The Vineyard Beverly Hills with James Cameron as Keynote Speaker, Special Guest Appearance by Charlize Theron, Live Performance by Ne-Yo and DJ Performance byThe Stafford Brothers!

Karma has access…

pngLimited Tickets & Tables Available for Purchase





Fame & Philanthropy Oscar After Party

March 2, 2014 @ 8PM

The Vineyards Beverly Hills



Limited Tickets & Tables Available for Purchase

Karma Ride & Drive – O.C. Run – April 27th

Karma Ride and Drive

South Orange County Run

Sunday, April 27, 2014 @ 10AM

Join Karma Chairman & President, Eric Stotz and our South Orange County Road Captain, Greg Marer, for a day of Karmic camaraderie and adventure with friends, cool cars, fast bikes and good times on our first Karma Ride & Drive, South Orange County Run on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

We will be starting the day’s adventure with a fabulous champagne brunch at the beautiful Orange Hill Restaurant, Perched high atop the hills in Orange with jaw dropping views and a classy ambiance to get our groove on for a day of riding.  The weekend brunch is always a special production at Orange Hill Restaurant. The buffet offers a number of indulgent options to appease any palate.

Then we’ll cruise along a predetermined route through Santiago Canyon, and stop at Cooks Corner.  Leave your normal lifestyle and enter the world of “laid back”. Bikes, babes, cars and stars govern at the oldest roadhouse in South Orange County. Cooks Corner’s world-famous atmosphere brings people from all walks of life together for fun, music and good times. Enjoy some of the most spectacular bikes in the county.

The adventure continues, cruising through the oak tree lined roads of Trabuco Canyon and down through the back side of South Orange County to the Ortega Highway, Route 74, as we descend and climb through the national forest, we’ll pass through some great mountain/valley scenery to our next destination for lunch at Hell’s Kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen is an eclectic motorsports restaurant of a devilish nature, located along the Ortega Hwy. After lunch at the Coffin Bar, well ride the last few miles to the to the top of Mt. Elsinore, and make our final stop at The Lookout Roadhouse, where you will truly be amazed at the breathtaking view as route 74 sits thousands of feet above the lake and its valley.

After a brief scenic stop at the Lookout, we part ways, and those heading back to Orange County, San Diego or Los Angeles can ride back down the Ortega’s to the 5 freeway in San Juan Capistrano, or those going to Riverside County areas, can continue onward on the Ortega Highway to quickly descend 10 miles down to Lake Elsinore and on to the 15 freeway.

We are meeting at 10am at the Orange Hill’s Restaurant and depart for the Ride after Brunch at high noon sharp!

The total distance of the run is approximately 100 miles.

You are welcome to bring your own fun car or motorcycle. If you would like to rent a sport bike, Harley, cruiser, exotic or luxury car please let us know and we will arrange everything for you.

Please RSVP in the Karma Member Lounge or send an email to contact@karmainternational.com if you will be coming – kindly note the car or bike you’ll be riding and if you need us to set one up for you.

Once we have gathered the complete list we will send out confirmation and meeting details to everyone!

Let’s Ride!

Kandyland VIII – August 17th

8th Annual Kandyland
August 17, 2013 @ 8PM – Beverly Hills Mansion
Featured DJs: EC Twins, Steve Castro & Kandy Resident DJ MisterE
KarmaKandyland.comVIP Invite Code: KF1184

CABANAS are completely SOLD OUT!
TABLES are still available in limited supply – reservations REQUIRED ASAP!

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Kandyland is widely renowned as one of the world’s greatest parties – you must see it for yourself to fully understand. You can expect Karma’s standard level of outrageous production, theatrical lighting & sounds, open premium bars & buffets, and of course dancing and partying all night!

Great events are like delicious cocktails…they must have the best ingredients! When we mix up a sexy theme and an amazing estate with over-the-top atmosphere and the world’s most beautiful people you get a remarkable event concoction…Kandyland!

MANSION: Some of the most prestigious Mansions in Beverly Hills have played host and now Kandyland 2013 will be held at a Great Gatsby Style Mansion like none other you have seen or imagined! See the Kandyland website for Mansion photos & details.

TICKETS: Include admission, open premium bars & buffets, parking & shuttle to the Kandy Mansion & DJ Entertainment.

TABLES: Include bottle service, seating for 8-10 people, 3 couches, 2 bottles of premium champagne, a dedicated hostess, drive-on privileges and more!

DRESS: Coming in theme at Kandyland is mandatory – ladies wear Kandy inspired sexy attire and gentlemen wear all black.

BENEFICIARY: Jenny McCarthy’s official charity, Generation Rescue, is the leading national organization that provides hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders. A portion of each ticket goes to support Generation Rescue.

HOTEL: Karma takes over the whole Roosevelt Hotel for Kandyland Weekend – to book a room call (800) 950-7667 and mention you are with “Karma” to get the group discount rate. Contact Karma to make poolside Table arrangements for Friday and Sunday.

PARTIES: Throughout Kandyland weekend parties will be going on at the Roosevelt – a pre-party Friday night (8/16/13) at the Tropicana Bar by the pool and a huge Sunday (8/18/13) Pool Party the day after Kandyland. The pre & post parties are for hotel guests and Karma Members only.

Golden Ticket Prices start at $750 each
Inquire with Karma or your VIP Host for Tables.

Tickets – Tables – Photos – Videos – Hotel – FAQ
You MUST have a VIP Invitation Code in order to purchase a Golden Ticket to Kandyland.

Karma’s Monthly Spotlight

Karma’s June Spotlight: Rudy Baldoni, Member

In order to obtain a Karma membership, one must be an established business executive, who enjoys the good life and a thought leader throughout the industry with strong ties to philanthropy and a commitment to overall greater good. The ideal Karma Member personifies our organization’s goals through their character and not just at our socials, dinners and other networking events, but in their own everyday business environment.

A Karma International Membership signifies a deep-seeded dedication to philanthropic efforts, revered success in the business world and an ever-growing entrepreneurial spirit. As an organization, we seek to foster valuable relationships with like-minded individuals to enhance their professional and personal lives.

This June, in honor of Father’s Day, we would like to introduce Rudy Baldoni, Chairman and CEO of Newport Investment Associates. Serving on the board of directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters Orange County and Inland Empire, Rudy takes great pride in providing both advocacy and mentor services to the youth in his community and worldwide. 

Karma International: Why does philanthropy play such an important role in your life, and when did this passion begin?

Rudy Baldoni: Since 1995 I have been involved with the Orange County division of Big Brothers Big Sisters, becoming a member of the board in 1999 and the Chairman of the Board in 2012. BBBS is the nation’s largest donor and volunteer supported child mentoring network. I’ve been raised to believe in continuously giving back to the community, so the value of supporting local charities has always been instilled in me. However, my involvement with BBBS is when my philanthropic spirit noticeably peaked. To be immersed within a non-profit organization is an eye-opening, inspiring and truly rewarding experience that has forever changed me. For over 100 years, BBBS has worked tirelessly to give each child the chance needed to move forward and thrive in life. It is a movement I am immensely proud to be a part of, and child-focused philanthropy is a cause that I continue to wholeheartedly support.

KI: You’ve been a mentor to many individuals throughout your career, but who has been your most inspiring mentor?

RB: A mentor is somebody with the ability to guide you through life as both a teacher and a friend. For me, that special someone has always been my father. As a physician with great business acumen, he showed me the stepping stones to successful entrepreneurship, providing me with all the right tools to successfully start and manage my own business, Newport Investment Associates. Additionally, he has shown me time and time again what it means to be compassionate, cooperative and thoughtful – subsequently fostering my charitable actions. Now, as a father myself, I am glad to have had countless moments spent with my father learning our family’s history that I can now pass on to my children and share with my wife. This Father’s Day, everyone should take the time to thank the male mentor in their life – be it a father, grandfather, brother, friend or volunteer.

KI: As an entrepreneur, what has inspired you and given you the motivation needed for such success?

RB: I’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by numerous business mentors throughout my life and career. Because of this, I have mastered the art of observing those around me who have proven successful and emulated their actions. It is imperative to take positives from other people, as well as learn from their mistakes. Spending time with my children has been a top priority for me, which has led my life and career in the perfect direction.

As well as cherishing the time spent with family, I’ve also enjoyed my time with Karma International. Becoming a Karma Member has helped me network and learn more through other entrepreneurs’ experiences – it’s a rewarding feeling to be part of such a prestigious group of business-minded mentors.

KI: What has been the most beneficial aspect of your Karma International Membership thus far?

RB: Karma events provide all of its Members with the opportunity to network with one another.  Along with providing fun and a great atmosphere, Karma also offers entrepreneurs a tremendous outlet to participate in charitable events, donations and campaigns, as well as a place to promote our own initiatives. I recommend Karma International to any professional I meet, thanks to its high-caliber events, networking opportunities and overall passion for giving back. As an entrepreneur and mentor, I believe the organizations philanthropic efforts will leave a lasting impact on our community.

To learn more about Rudy’s business ventures, visit the Newport Investment Associates website here. To get involved with your local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, visit their website and become a child’s inspiring mentor today.

If you are interested in joining Karma in its philanthropic and networking ventures, inquire about a Membership today.

Karma’s June Spotlight: Jenny Alter, Ambassador

Jenny Alter, Karma Ambassador

At Karma, we’re always looking for intelligent, charitable, and business-minded young women who wish to make a difference in the corporate and philanthropic worlds, through our Karma Ambassador Program. This month, we shine our spotlight on an Ambassador who has perfectly balanced her charitable actions with personal and professional accomplishments.

We would like to introduce Jenny Alter, a nuclear pharmacy services consultant, devoted equestrian, competitive triathlete, committed to helping pediatric cancer research combat cancer, brain disorders, obesity and diabetes, among other devastating health conditions. This distinguished Karma Ambassador tells us more in Karma’s June Spotlight:

Karma International: You’re an equestrian, cyclist and triathlete. What motivates you to maintain such a healthy lifestyle?

Jenny Alter:  My father is one of my biggest supporters and motivators when it comes to competing in triathlons and equestrian events. He’s an established business owner who trained race horses as a hobby, so naturally my interest in sports peaked at a very young age. During my adolescence, I competed in various equestrian competitions. Now between balancing my career, the Ambassador Program and charity events, I try to find time to participate in Polo Chukkas at the California Polo Club and Santa Barbara Polo Club.

I also enjoy regularly training and competing in triathlons and cycling races. Running and biking give me a renewed sense of energy and a goal to achieve. I take pride in being the team captain of the Los Angeles Cyclotron’s Cycling Team, where I strive to motivate others and build one strong, unified team.

KI: We hear your cycling team is participating in a benefit ride for the American Diabetes Association. How does philanthropy play a role in your daily life?

JA: Yes, this October in Santa Barbara, we will be cycling to benefit the American Diabetes Association, an organization I’m proud to support. While my dad played a big role in my athleticism, my mom is the driver of my passion for charity. She’s inspired me to give back more than just money, but time and dedication as well. As a result, I’m also involved in the event planning committee at the Lollipop Theater Network, an organization that provides entertainment for children confined to hospitals due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

Along with attending some of the best events across the nation and meeting skilled entrepreneurs, I know that every Karma event benefits an important cause, like raising awareness for autism or creating a support system for homeless and less-fortunate children. Karma differentiates itself from other membership organizations by combining its high caliber social interaction with its deep ties to philanthropy, which is what led me to its Ambassador Program. Being so immersed in my sports and athletic hobbies, as well as my career, Karma has provided me with the social, and philanthropic, opportunities I had been searching for. I am grateful to spend what little free time that I have with an organization that has fun while making a difference.

KI: Can you tell us more about your career and future goals?

JA: After earning my Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, I began my career in medical sales. In 2011, I accepted a position as a nuclear radio-pharmaceutical (or Nuclear Medicine Sales Consultant) services consultant for a well-known Fortune 100 healthcare company. To date, I continue to work to advance the diagnosis and treatment of diseases through the use of radiopharmaceuticals and new bio tracers.

In the future, I hope to become a business owner in the healthcare industry. With this goal in mind, Karma has provided me with endless connections and experiences, leading me to meet similar business-minded individuals. Through the Karma Ambassador Program, I’ve acquired skills not taught in a typical classroom, from networking to having fun amongst successful entrepreneurs – all while working toward my business goals and aspirations.

If you’d like to donate to the Nautica Malibu Triathlon benefiting Pediatric Cancer Research, please follow this link.

To donate to the American Diabetes Association via Jenny’s Los Angeles Cyclotron’s Cycling Team, please go to  http://main.diabetes.org/goto/jennyalter

If you’re a young woman with the same drive, ambition and charitable involvement as Jenny, please inquire about becoming a Karma Ambassador. We are always open to accepting new applicants.

Are you a notable Karma Ambassador with a great story to tell? Then please contact Karma’s EVP Marvin Epstein to be featured in next month’s spotlight.

A white-tie affair: Karma’s first annual White Nights event

On Saturday, June 1 2013, Karma International produced the first annual Momento Mori White Nights party, at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, in beautiful Dana Point, California to benefit Project Hope Alliance, an organization dedicated to helping homeless and unstable households reach self-sufficiency.

By coming together for this extraordinary event, sponsors and guests were able to raise $120,000 for the charity, which will be used to provide homeless children and their families with education, support services and community advocacy through Project Hope Alliance. We extend our limitless thanks and gratitude to presenting sponsor, Memento Mori Wine, whose award-winning creations were enjoyed throughout the evening.

With a French Riviera-inspired theme providing a breathtaking backdrop both inside and outside of the venue, VIPs, Karma Members, Ambassadors, celebrities and guests adorned in all white enjoyed an exclusive event, highlighted with good company, great music and a sensational atmosphere.

The night’s festivities were elevated by an electrifying performance from Grammy-nominated artist, Nadia Ali. In addition, a splash of bright summer color was seen during an exclusive fashion show from esteemed designer Hale Bob.  Hale Bob owner Daniel Bohbot walked on stage with the models to make a toast of thanks and success to the event.

On behalf of Karma International and all of the White Nights guests, we are grateful to our other major sponsor Trace3, and all of our supporting sponsors, including, XB, Mint Collection, Rockstar Energy Drink, Orange County Register,  Hint, My EPK, and our exclusive media sponsor, Orange Coast magazine, the trusted source for dining and events information in Orange County.

For more information on the event, visit our website and read the entire event press release www.WhiteSummerNights.com.

Karma International prides itself on the ability to provide its Members and Ambassadors with events, networking and access of the highest caliber, alongside an esteemed outlet to give back to the communities and causes they hold a passion for. If you are interested helping us to continue spreading good karma through top-tier events, apply for a Membership today.



Karma Sailing Day Recap

A Sailing Day Overview by E.V.P for Business Development & Philanthropy, Marvin Epstein

Karma International’s Members took to the high seas for an afternoon of sailing on a 90-foot Brigantine ship to benefit the Top Sail Youth Program, a charity helping our youth realize their potential in many ways.

It was the maiden voyage for our Karma Members and Ambassadors but we took to the ship, 40 sailors strong, with great enthusiasm, adventure and abandon.  Some Members possessed the expertise needed to sail the vessel, but each passenger rolled up their sleeves and worked alongside the crew like they had been doing so for ages.

The captain of the ship was extremely accommodating and took good care of Karma, we couldn’t resist enlisting him as an honorary Member – check out the pictures below to see us knighting him with a Karma International ball cap. The event provided both our Members and Ambassadors alike the opportunity to climb to new heights and enjoy a beautiful day.

It was a four hour excursion in which attendees could be seen climbing to the top of the masts, pulling ropes to adjust sails, or simply relaxing on the very front of the ship – an installment known as the bow spirit, to us fresh sailing experts. Alas, as the sun sets on the water and the gleam shines off the beautiful ship, so concludes another truly exhilarating experience filled with great people, great food, and a great cause – Good Karma!

Karma International is dedicated to its four pillars: philanthropy, revelry, networking and access. Through events such as Sailing Day we provide Members and Ambassadors the chance to give back to the community while forging valuable new relationships and friendships. To come aboard Karma’s next event, apply for Membership today

Karma White Summer Nights Party


Karma International, the producers of Kandyland, Kandy Kruise, Kandy Masquerade and Kandy Halloween…invites you to attend our next big mansion style Karma party in Orange County…White Summer Nights on June 1st at a private estate with sweeping views from city to ocean!

Saturday, June 1, 2013 @ 8PM
Orange County Modern Estate
Benefiting Project Hope Alliance
Special Performance by NADIA ALI

Use Karma Member Invite Code KM1234

Table Reservations or Questions: Contact@KarmaInternational.com

The party is a “Progressive White Party” – this means that the 400+ beautiful guests will be dressed in all white while experiencing great entertainment, décor and food throughout the estate!

Karma’s White Summer Nights Party is one of our ultimate sight and sound experiences – think French Riviera Ultra VIP Lounge, in all white.

We’re transforming a picturesque estate in Orange County with theatrical lighting, concert sound systems, lasers, effects, LED walls, props, florals, white VIP cabanas, lounges, furniture, chandeliers, and much more.

Listen to Nadia Ali’s sweet voice with the tunes of Armin van Buuren…

Visit Nadia Ali’s youtube page and watch her official music videos with Avicii, Morgan Page, Armin van Buuren, Starkillers, Alesso, and more.

Karma’s Monthly Spotlight Series: May 2013

Karma’s May Spotlight: Freydel Bushala, Member 

In order to obtain a Karma membership, one must be an established business executive, who enjoys the good life and a thought leader throughout the industry with strong ties to philanthropy and a commitment to overall greater good. The ideal Karma Member personifies our organization’s goals through their character and not just at our socials, dinners and other networking events, but in their own everyday business environment.

In our first edition of our new Karma Monthly Spotlight series, we introduce you to Freydel Bushala, a Karma Member who embodies our mission to a T. In light of Mother’s Day, we wanted to feature one of our many established female members. Freydel is the owner of Bushala Insurance Agency, a Farmers Insurance agent. She is a volunteer at various charity events, the winner of the state of California’s ‘Woman of the Year’ award, a sports car enthusiast, and the proud mother of three sons Dylan, Kalil, and George.

Freydel’s remarkable journey, as most success stories do, includes overcoming tremendous challenges by turning them into life inspirations. For all of her past conquered obstacles and business successes, we proudly present Freydel Bushala as May’s honorable Karma Member spotlight.

Karma International (KI): How have your past experiences influenced your life today?

Freydel Bushala (FB):  I immigrated to the US from Nicaragua when I was nine years old, and I was always taught by my grandparents to work hard and never give up. With this mindset, I was motivated to learn the English language, progress in school, and attend college in hopes of a better future. Even though school was difficult at first, I learned the language very quickly and never gave up on the challenge – getting me to where I am today.

KI: Can you tell us more about your business and volunteer work?

FB: After school, I entered the business field as a filing clerk for Farmers Insurance. I worked with some incredible people who served as my mentors, and in turn, created the foundation for my business, Bushala Insurance Agency. I always knew I didn’t want a standard office job, and if I have time to complain about it, then I have time to do something about it. From there, I’ve been an insurance agent for almost 13 years. Out of 34 agents in my district, I was ranked fifth in most profitable deriving from a new business. I think the motivation came from the way my grandparents raised me – which I now try to teach my three sons, ages 17, 19 and 21.

I always try to spend my free time volunteering. Just recently, I participated in an autism awareness event with Carlos Mencia, where together we raised nearly $20,000. In 2010, my volunteerism was recognized by the state of California, when they named me their ‘Woman of the Year’. It was an extraordinary feeling, and really reiterated the motto I had always grown up with – hard work pays off.

KI: You were in a dangerous car accident. How has that changed your life?

FB: Four years ago, at 4pm in the afternoon, I was heading home from work when another car ran a red light and hit my Escalade hard. I suffered from severe headaches for the following three months, and the doctors informed me that I had two subdural hematomas (or blood clots in my brain). They had to drain the blood from my head – I escaped death.

Personally, this was the biggest wakeup call that life could have ever offered. From there, I took more time to myself – the business was still running smoothly, but I took personal time to build my social life. That was when I became a Karma Member, and not only has it helped me to network and grow, but it also kept me distracted from remembering the accident and worrying about my health and business. It was the perfect recharge and I can now say I have a great balance in my life.

KI: What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs?

FB: Always raise your thinking ceiling – never stop learning. Every day, strive to learn something new as it will become very useful when formulating your business. Never idle in life; always keep moving forward

KI: In this special Mother’s Day edition for Karma’s Member Spotlight, what message do you have for all the mothers out there?

FB: Just by accepting the responsibility to raise children, to be good citizens, and care about the world – you are all winners. You can accomplish anything you want, and be anybody you want to be, in addition to creating a family. On Mother’s Day embrace the idea that there is a day just for us, to show us that the world appreciates everything we do. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers everywhere and I wish you more good karma!

If you’d like to learn more about Freydel and her insurance expertise, please go to www.farmersagent.com/fbushala. For more information on becoming a Karma Member, please visit our website today

Karma’s May Spotlight: Leann La, Ambassador

Karma’s Ambassador Program gives aspiring young females the chance to support Karma’s philanthropic initiatives and social events, while meeting some of our successful Members. In order to become a Karma Ambassador, one must be classy, personable, responsible, entrepreneurial and business-savvy. One Ambassador that embodies such definitions and more is Leann La, co-owner of Spa Fuzion, guest speaker at last month’s Entrepreneur Society panel, and three-year supporter of Project MotiVATe, a Vietnamese-American youth mentorship program.

In this Q&A session, Karma got the chance to sit down with Leann and hear more of her business achievements, obstacles, and life-changing experiences as a Karma Ambassador. It is with great pride that we kick off our Karma Monthly Spotlight series by highlighting Leann as May’s distinguished Karma Ambassador.

Karma International: Tell us more about your business, Spa Fuzion.

Leann La:  After gaining a college degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, I ventured into the corporate world for nearly 15 years before getting tired of the rigmarole 10-12 hour days sitting at a cubicle. From there, I knew that I wanted to venture into an area that my family and I are passionate about, beauty. After all, as the saying goes, if you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life.

Now, my three sisters and I own and operate Spa Fuzion – a state-of-the-art beauty and wellness facility. At Spa Fuzion, not only do I manage the business, but I also work as an experienced esthetician, makeup artist, and a true connoisseur of beauty. My passion and expertise as a beauty consultant allows me to advise some of the largest medical spas and beauty spas in California.

KI: What were some of the obstacles that you’ve had to overcome to get where you are today?

LL: I was originally born in Vietnam, and my family came over to the United States in the 1980s. I never came from an entrepreneurial background, and had to instinctively learn the ropes of managing a business on my own. My siblings and I were taught all our lives to make the most out of the opportunity given to us, and this motto led us to excel in school, business and in our personal lives, as well.

KI: What led you to become a Karma Ambassador, and what has your experience been like ever since?

LL: I first encountered Karma when one of its Members brought me to a recruiting event. I was immediately impressed by the outgoing, respectful, business-minded people that were present and could see myself really growing both personally and professionally by joining Karma. I officially became an Ambassador in October of 2012, and the experience has been incredible ever since! Not only have I met fellow Ambassadors with whom I share a lot in common, but I’ve also gotten the chance to network and have meaningful conversations with entrepreneurial Members, and hear their stories of hardships, successes and business advice.

Along with the great connections that Karma offers, their events are amazing both in style and the high caliber of people. I also appreciate the fact that all of its events benefit a worthy cause. In fact, one of my favorite charitable events was the Oscars After Party, where not only did I have the time of my life, but I also had the chance to contribute a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

KI: Why should a young aspiring female become a Karma Ambassador?

LL: As a young female entrepreneur, growing your business can be intimidating, especially in today’s male-dominated entrepreneurial landscape. The Karma Ambassador Program helps you feel confident and comfortable in a business environment and it facilitates lifelong friendships, both personally and professionally. Your social skills and networking tactics will immediately improve, and you will have the time of your life at Karma’s parties, workshops, socials and more. I like to think of Karma’s benefits as the following – if you surround yourself with good, successful people, it influences who you become.

If you’d like to learn more about Leann and Spa Fuzion, please go to http://www.spafuzion.com/. If you mention Karma during your next visit to Spa Fuzion, Leann will provide you with exlcusive spa specials.

If you think you have what it takes to become an Ambassador, please request an application by emailing Ambassador@KarmaInternational.com. For more information on our new Karma Monthly Spotlight series, and to possibly be featured in future posts, please contact Marvin Epstein, Karma’s Executive Vice President.

Karma White Summer Nights Party


Karma International, the producers of Kandyland, Kandy Kruise, Kandy Masquerade and Kandy Halloween…invites you to attend our next big mansion style Karma party in Orange County…White Summer Nights on June 1st at a private estate with sweeping views from city to ocean!

Saturday, June 1, 2013 @ 8PM
Orange County Modern Estate
Benefiting Project Hope Alliance
Special Performance by NADIA ALI

Use VIP Invite Code KF1184

Table Reservations or Questions: Events@KarmaInternational.com

The party is a “Progressive White Party” – this means that the 400+ beautiful guests will be dressed in all white while experiencing great entertainment, décor and food throughout the estate!

Karma’s White Summer Nights Party is the ultimate charity event experience – think French Riviera Ultra VIP Lounge, in all white.

We’re transforming a picturesque estate in Orange County with theatrical lighting, concert sound systems, lasers, effects, LED walls, props, florals, white VIP cabanas, lounges, furniture, chandeliers, and much more.

Do you want the ultimate access to White Summer Nights and all our other events?
Apply to be a Karma Member today!

Listen to Nadia Ali’s sweet voice with the tunes of Armin van Buuren…

Visit Nadia Ali’s youtube page and watch her official music videos with Avicii, Morgan Page, Armin van Buuren, Starkillers, Alesso, and more.