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Private networking : High Yield Social Investment

private networking

Perhaps you can guarantee a monthly income for life with an income annuity, but can you guarantee friendships for life?  You may have every desire money can buy, but do you have true friendships?  Do you have a network of peers who are just like you that you can count on?  Karma International, the exclusive organization that connects successful and high-level members around the world, can change your social life.  Members of Karma International are individuals with a pay-it-forward minded attitude and are dedicated to philanthropy, environmental preservation, as well as the prosperity the world has to offer.  Members are dignified, have good morals, a sense of honor, possess integrity and responsibility. Not anyone can be a Karma Member and join our private networking events.  You must apply and be accepted.  But once one is a member, the benefits are endless.  Karma membership is a small investment to return a lifetime of friendship and abundance.

Karma is a private member organization that empowers members to garner relationships that enrich their professional and social lives via exclusive Karma-produced parties and large-scale events, monthly meet-ups and excursions, roundtables, summits and private networking.  Karma provides nonstop fun and everlasting friendships.  Nowhere else in the world will you find a network such as Karma that will allow you to create a lifestyle of your dreams by cultivating lifelong friendships, finding business partners, enjoying one-of-a-kind events, and raising significant amounts of money for philanthropic causes.

If you want to increase the value of your social network and you looking for private networking, then Karma International is “THE” organization to join.  Join the Karma family by becoming a Karma Member and stop missing out on the social life and network of friends you always desired.  It’s Karma, where you pay it forward to get a lifetime annuity of relationships.


Statistics on Socializing…Karma Measures Up-Exclusive Social Events

social networking events
Karma International connects and inspires members’ lives across the globe through a large exclusive socializing network.  Karma provides different avenues for members, both old and new, to socialize through exclusive social events such as socials, parties, yachting and sailing events, golf tournaments, masquerades, wine tasting, and other private social events. Everyone can find private social events they are interested in with the variety of events that Karma produces.

Recently, there have been studies done on the U.S. population from 2009 to 2013 to assess how many hours per day people spent on socializing and communicating.  Not surprisingly, women spent more time socializing then men.  In 2013, 34% of men were engaged in socializing and communication daily, compared to 39.5% of women.  Women spent 0.78 hours per day communicating and socializing compared to men who spent 0.65 hours per day.

The study also evaluated Americans ages 25 years and older who participate in leisure activities sorted by their level of education. In 2013, people with less than a high school diploma spent an average of 6.29 hours a day on leisure activities, whereas people with a bachelor’s degree and higher spent 4.57 hours a day on leisure activities.  Of course, this makes sense as we know that professionals with higher degrees earn more and work more hours. However, there always needs to be time for socializing.

Karma International allows for like-minded individuals to network socially and professionally.  Karma wants everyone to come and join the fun with the current members who are entrepreneurs and executives from all walks of life, including business leaders, adventurers, experts and philanthropists.  Exclusive social events and philanthropic initiatives connect the ‘right’ people.

Join Karma International at social engagements throughout the year in various cities to connect to others and enjoy life. It’s Karma…don’t just work hard, play hard too!

Karma Raises the Bar for Socializing— Social Summer Events

Summer Social EventsSummer is here and it’s time to socialize!  Whether you enjoy barbecues and lounging at the pool with a cocktail at an ultra-chic private estate overlooking the ocean or sailing on a glorious yacht, chances are you’ll want to attend one of Karma’s social summer events.  Karma is unique i
n providing a forum for social gatherings with the “right” people who are self-made, work hard and know how to enjoy life, including jet-setters, industry leaders and business entrepreneurs.  Karma is a community of amazing people who know how to live the good life.  And summer is the best time socialize and enjoy it all.

There are hundreds of social groups in every major city around the globe, but none as successful, exciting and well-established as Karma International.   Karma provides a safe place for members to learn from one another without having to worry that the other is trying to get something out of them.  Instead, Karma invests in its members and their shared social interests and causes that match their passions.  Members are able to create meaningful bonds, business partnerships and lifelong friendships while socializing in the most upscale venues both locally and world-wide.

So no matter how you plan to spend your summer, make sure to make some time for good karma.  Join us at Karma’s next summer social. The VIP events are guaranteed to be unforgettable and you will find yourself coming back again and again.  Don’t miss out on what could be the best summer of your life!

Not a member?  Perfect time to apply now!

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What’s So Special About Karma International Private Social Events?

Karma International plans upscale, private social events at chic lounges and trendy nightclubs, beautiful resorts, extraordinary homes and special venues, such as art galleries and swanky restaurants in major cities. Some of these venues are so exclusive, on any other given night you would need to be on a VIP guest list to gain entry.

The creators of Karma International have the contacts, sponsorships and networking capacity to plan exclusive parties for Karma Members to take pleasure in without the hassle of having to stand in lines or get on lists.  Karma Members are guaranteed access to these venues.  This allows Karma Members and their guests to enjoy a night out with attractive, interesting and high-class crowds.Karma’s Masquerade party has been voted one of the most stunning, masterful and timeless parties of all time.  World-class celebrities and performers are invited to be part of the Karma mix as they entertain and mingle with Karma Members at a top secret location.

Only Karma Members have access to this magical event stocked full of surprises, dazzling and sexy performers and special entertainment guaranteed to keep you wanting the night to last forever.Karma International also produces charity social events which allow Karma Members to socialize for a cause.  These events have significance and also raise awareness of many social, health and educational causes.

One of the most talked about charity events among Karma Members was the Memento Mori White Night Party produced by Karma at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort which benefited Project Hope Alliance, an organization dedicated to helping homeless children and their families.   The atmosphere was inspired by the French Riviera with entertainment by Nadia Ali and a designer fashion show featuring Hale Bob.  After all the fun, Karma Members, sponsors and guests helped raise thousands of dollars for the charity.

If you’re interested in helping spread good karma through our top-tier events, then apply for Karma membership today.  By becoming a member, you are guaranteed access to the largest and most exclusive Karma Events.   Don’t miss out!

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The Power of Socializing

social networking

Socializing is a concept long studied by sociologists, psychologists, and anthropologists to understand the behavior of an individual’s degree of participation in a community.  Theories have been developed about social networking and the benefits of belonging to a social group.  The power of socializing is unlimited.  Not only can social engagement connect you with others, it can also help you reach your goals, increase happiness, stay mentally sharp, feel supported, reduce stress and lengthen your lifespan.

The founders of Karma International have perfected the world of socializing and provided a classy environment for like-minded, influential professionals to engage in social interactions.   Karma International provides an exclusive platform of private member-only events at least once per month, such as glamorous parties and soirees with celebrities, yachting and sporting social events, and other unique get-togethers at art galleries and high-profile homes.  Members are often encouraged to invite guests to expand the social circles by bringing in new, sophisticated and interesting prospects.  However, the only way to guarantee access to the finest and most exclusive social events and to enjoy the full privileges of Karma International is to become a Karma member.  Membership has its own set of criteria to maintain the exclusivity of the organization.  Once Karma members join, they build their social networks and they find it easier to become more socially engaged with their peers who become lifetime friends.

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Karma International has created more than a social community of successful active members.  They have created a social movement of good karma.


Networking with Karma

karma networkingAll professionals know that networking is critical, yet it is so hard to fit into our busy schedules.  Welcome Karma International.  Karma is an exclusive social membership organization for entrepreneurs and executives to network socially and professionally.  As part of its core philosophy, Karma International invites philanthropists, business owners, leaders, adventurers, experts and connoisseurs from around the world to become Karma Members.   Members are selected only if they are right fit for Karma International.

This July, Karma International is hosting a special intimate dinner with Keith Ferrazzi, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back for Members to discuss networking and changing a corporate culture.  Ferrazzi will discuss his book personally with our Karma Members and provide his own secrets to successful networking and cultivating important, trusting relationships.

Networking is a tool that can enrich your life and support your career.  As Karma’s reputation has strengthened over the years, the quality of its membership has flourished, allowing for strong social and professional networks to organically develop.  Karma International provides the platform for you to “never eat alone.”   Apply to be a Member and come network with Karma Members at our next Karma Event…you might find yourself at one of our Mansion Social, Theme Parties, Yachting Socials or Excursion Days!

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Karma SMS Text Messaging Program Announcement

Text “member” to 99158 to opt-in

Recently Jared Reitzin, CEO/Founder of mobileStorm, joined Karma.  In addition to being a rockstar dad, friend and genius, his company provides an industry-leading email, SMS, fax and voice delivery platform that is second-to-none.

Karma is now using mobileStorm to add more value to your membership by delivering timely SMS updates to you about events, announcements, opportunities and confirmation details to keep you well-informed of all the great things we have going on.

We are able to deliver these messages to all members and/or target delivery based on your proximity to an upcoming event so you are notified about the things most relevant to you.

There is no cost for this program…other than your carrier message/data rates that may apply.

To receive Karma SMS messages you must first opt-in, here are the simple steps:
1) Text “member” to 99158
2) Reply with “yes” to confirm
3) Reply with “member” followed by your first and last name (ex. “Member John Doe”)
That’s it!
We will send SMS messages periodically and promise not to exceed 10 messages per month.  If you ever get tired of our SMS messages, just text “stop” and they will cease immediately.

Karma Masquerade 2014

Karma Masquerade this year is at a timeless and regal secret location with masterful architectural features reminiscent of a Venetian opera house – ideal for our “Eyes Wide Shut” Masquerade theme.

We have new twists in store for our guests that will make this one of the most dazzling Karma Masquerade parties of all time, including Karma’s living art vignettes, strolling performers, magical lighting displays and surprise theatrical stage shows.

From an access standpoint, this event is different than most of our big events in that we are not selling individual tickets.  To gain access you must be a Karma Member, Table Buyer or have a Sponsored Guest Ticket.

There are a limited number of Karma Masquerade Sponsored Guest Tickets for which anyone is welcome to apply.  If you are approved for a Sponsored Guest Ticket then you will only pay a $35 registration fee to confirm your ticket.  To apply follow the instructions at https://sponsored.karmainternational.com

The only way to guarantee access to Karma Masquerade 2014 and future Karma Events is if you are to become a Karma Member.  To become a member, you must apply for membership and be accepted.  It is required that all members be of good character, respectful and interesting in their own rite.  As a Karma Member, you are permitted to attend Karma Masquerade and bring an approved guest.  Karma Membership has many privileges and dues are $3,000 USD annually.

Apply for Membership: http://karmainternational.com/apply

VIP Table – $3,000
seating and access for 4-6 people

Large VIP Table – $4,500
seating and access for 8-10 people

Tables include free-flowing premium bottle service, dedicated hostess & express entry.

RESERVATIONS:  rsvp@karmainternational.com

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
7000 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Call to book
Mention you’re with Karma for our group rate

Poolside rooms will go fast as May is perfect for our Sunday Pool Party at the Roosevelt.

KM14 Invite

2014 Oscar After Parties

Awards season is upon us and Karma is involved with two of the most exciting private Oscar After Parties this Sunday in Hollywood!

#1 : Salute to the Stars @ W Hotel in Hollywood - presented by Hellman & Walters

#2 : Fame & Philanthropy @ The Vineyard Beverly Hills with James Cameron as Keynote Speaker, Special Guest Appearance by Charlize Theron, Live Performance by Ne-Yo and DJ Performance by The Stafford Brothers!

Karma has access…

pngLimited Tickets & Tables Available for Purchase





Fame & Philanthropy Oscar After Party

March 2, 2014 @ 8PM

The Vineyards Beverly Hills



Limited Tickets & Tables Available for Purchase

Karma Ride & Drive – O.C. Run – April 27th

Karma Ride and Drive

South Orange County Run

Sunday, April 27, 2014 @ 10AM

Join Karma Chairman & President, Eric Stotz and our South Orange County Road Captain, Greg Marer, for a day of Karmic camaraderie and adventure with friends, cool cars, fast bikes and good times on our first Karma Ride & Drive, South Orange County Run on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

We will be starting the day’s adventure with a fabulous champagne brunch at the beautiful Orange Hill Restaurant, Perched high atop the hills in Orange with jaw dropping views and a classy ambiance to get our groove on for a day of riding.  The weekend brunch is always a special production at Orange Hill Restaurant. The buffet offers a number of indulgent options to appease any palate.

Then we’ll cruise along a predetermined route through Santiago Canyon, and stop at Cooks Corner.  Leave your normal lifestyle and enter the world of “laid back”. Bikes, babes, cars and stars govern at the oldest roadhouse in South Orange County. Cooks Corner’s world-famous atmosphere brings people from all walks of life together for fun, music and good times. Enjoy some of the most spectacular bikes in the county.

The adventure continues, cruising through the oak tree lined roads of Trabuco Canyon and down through the back side of South Orange County to the Ortega Highway, Route 74, as we descend and climb through the national forest, we’ll pass through some great mountain/valley scenery to our next destination for lunch at Hell’s Kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen is an eclectic motorsports restaurant of a devilish nature, located along the Ortega Hwy. After lunch at the Coffin Bar, well ride the last few miles to the to the top of Mt. Elsinore, and make our final stop at The Lookout Roadhouse, where you will truly be amazed at the breathtaking view as route 74 sits thousands of feet above the lake and its valley.

After a brief scenic stop at the Lookout, we part ways, and those heading back to Orange County, San Diego or Los Angeles can ride back down the Ortega’s to the 5 freeway in San Juan Capistrano, or those going to Riverside County areas, can continue onward on the Ortega Highway to quickly descend 10 miles down to Lake Elsinore and on to the 15 freeway.

We are meeting at 10am at the Orange Hill’s Restaurant and depart for the Ride after Brunch at high noon sharp!

The total distance of the run is approximately 100 miles.

You are welcome to bring your own fun car or motorcycle. If you would like to rent a sport bike, Harley, cruiser, exotic or luxury car please let us know and we will arrange everything for you.

Please RSVP in the Karma Member Lounge or send an email to contact@karmainternational.com if you will be coming – kindly note the car or bike you’ll be riding and if you need us to set one up for you.

Once we have gathered the complete list we will send out confirmation and meeting details to everyone!

Let’s Ride!