Effective and Selective Networking

Relieving the pressures of modern business through effective & selective networking

In addition to reflecting on our events and happenings, we use this blog to share opinions about why we do what we do, and how we see Karma transforming lives – not only those of our members but of those affected by the charities and worthwhile causes we support.

In modern business many feel as though it’s lonely at the top, that we rarely stop to think about what is really meant by counsel. Business owners and chief executives can invest much of their lives working towards new heights and aspiring to be at the top, that they rarely consider potential negative aspects to reaching their ultimate goal. By default there can only ever be a relatively small number of business people who are considered to be ‘at the top’. So when those leaders are ready to take time away from their business, there are few peers they can turn to socially – particularly people who have shared experiences and who truly understand their ambitions and lifestyle.

This is one of the reasons I founded Karma. I understood the need for a philanthropic members-only group that enjoys exclusive social events, entertainment and luxury lifestyle services as well as valuable business opportunities. Our mission is to ‘provide our members and guests with remarkable upscale services and unique experiences that enrich lives, expand networks and benefit noble charitable causes’. It’s a lot to live up to, but over 7 years we have consistently done so. We’ll share more about what inspires us, and the output of this inspiration, in following posts.

I firmly believe that contribution and engagement are at the heart of a successful life. Taking part makes us feel alive as individuals, and pushing the boundaries and sharing success is a vital part of this. Which in turn means the more traditional, formulaic ‘people-in-a-room networking’ approach needs to be pushed aside for good. We can replace it with engaging, fun and worthwhile networking that gives executives the opportunity to reflect on their life philosophies, while making business and personal encounters so much more rewarding and valuable.

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Karmic regards,
Eric Stotz
Founder, Chairman & President, Karma Foundation, LLC

Karma Foundation Networking Roundtable

Karma Foundation Networking Roundtable