Giving back by paying it forward

Giving back by paying it forward.

At The Karma Foundation, we are proud to be able to sponsor and support special charitable events and causes around the world. Our collective of philanthropists generates funds that are used when and where they’re needed the most. Individually we could not have the same impact, but as a group we do great things for the planet. Philanthropy has always been, and will always be, a core value of our organization.

I was reminded of this tenet of our Foundation recently when I read a heart-warming piece in the Non-Profit Quarterly, written by Philadelphia-based freelance writer and editor Austin DeMarco. While relating some very touching personal experiences of charity and philanthropy, DeMarco expressed: “When members of an organization work to take care of each other and those around them, hope spreads. Activities and performances create a social space where like-minded people can congregate and share their stories while simultaneously doing something about their shared concerns, working together to create a world where such problems no longer influence our lives.”

This sentiment really struck a chord in me personally, and chimed with the founding pillars of our own Foundation. Many of us are able to be philanthropists because we have experienced success in life that has produced wealth. Now we want to use that success and wealth to benefit greater society while enjoying fund-raising events and activities in the company of like-minded individuals. The Karma Foundation revels in producing large-scale, high-profile events at unique worldly locations for the benefit of charity. A portion of revenue from all Karma Events, Karma Membership dues and member spending goes to benefit our carefully chosen charities. We also organize special charity/volunteer events called ‘Karma Cares’ which see Members and their friends participate to raise funds and awareness.

In his insightful article, DeMarco also notes: “We give because we see a need in the world, and we continue to give because filling that need fills a related need inside of us. It’s our job as philanthropists to nurture that hope and, in the process, rekindle our own sense of purpose and meaning in life.”

This is why we actively recruit Karma Members that have a pay-it-forward attitude and enjoy knowing that we give back while creating some of the most unique life experiences this world has to offer. We believe good karma comes full circle in our lifestyle of sharing and caring.

Marvin Epstein
EVP, Philanthropy & Business Development, Karma Foundation, LLC