The benefits of socializing

The benefits of socializing: learning from each other

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
- John F. Kennedy

Karma Foundation events are legendary. By bringing together diverse high-octane creators in profound event environments, something amazing happens.  Our guests relax, enjoy and become their authentic selves. They appreciate the abundance in their lives and want to share and contribute to it. Our events foster good Karma because they bring people together and make things happen. We know that when thriving people share and experience amazing things together, they learn from each other and they spark further growth and insights so world-changing ideas can fly.

Whether walking the red carpet at a star-studded charity event, HALO skydiving in Europe, partying at a stunning Beverly Hills mansion estate, shark diving in South Africa, yachting in Newport Beach, or co-piloting an authentic WWII military airplane in a squadron flight, Karma Events are uniquely designed to enliven and embolden. Each event we produce results in overwhelming gratitude and glory – our members love our sense for adventure and our ability to constantly innovate.

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Karma Foundation Team